A well designed, well maintained and sustainable structure or assembly requires functionality, dependability, ease of maintenance, reliability, and a technical basis for safety.

From railroad, aerospace, transportation, power plants, to petrochemical industries, assuring dependable functionality is good practice from business, reliability and liability perspectives.

Istrouma Enterprises Inc. (IEI) is committed to these concepts. With aging power plants and life extensions being considered across multiple industrial sectors, nondestructive examination (NDE or NDI or NDT) and quality assurance (QA) are called upon more often to maintain a constant surveillance on systems under stress. Aging infrastructure in the Unites States in particular has become a critical concern and IEI has been involved in examination technique development and training for just that purpose. IEI has ready access to specialist in most any NDE method including:

Visual Examination
Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Examination
Conventional Ultrasonics
Phased Array Ultrasonics
TFM/FMC Ultrasonics
Radiographic Examination
Microwave Examination
Eddy Current Examination, among others.

We look forward to discussing your QA/NDE needs, from providing consulting services to inspection plan development to performing field services. We are here to work beside you as we determine structured solutions for your QA/NDE engineering issues.